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    What is Anal Fistula?

    An anal fistula is a small tunnel between the anal canal and the opening of the skin around the anus. Inside the anus, there are a number of small glands that sometimes get clogged or infected, developing a pus-filled abscess near the anus. This abscess is drained naturally or with external help by creating a small channel. The opening of this channel on the surface of your skin is known as an anal fistula.

    Anal Fistula Surgery

    An anal fistula does not always heal on its own, so surgery is usually necessary to treat it. Surgery is required to block the channel and opening of the anal fistula that developed due to pus drainage on the surface of your skin. The doctor will diagnose the fistula through physical examination, imaging tests, or proctoscopy, and depending on its severity, your doctor will opt for the treatment procedure under spinal anaesthesia.

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    Causes & Symptoms of Fistula

    The small anal glands can get infected due to Chron’s disease, diverticulitis (a large intestine infection), infection from TB or HIV, exposure to radiation, chronic diarrhoea, or hidradenitis suppurativa (a long-term skin condition causing an abscess). These infections develop an abscess, and the drainage from it can leave a hollow channel called a fistula.


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    Treatment of Fistula

    To check the severity and location of the fistula, your doctor will diagnose it with a physical examination, proctoscopy (special instrument with a light on one end, used to see inside the anus) and MRI scan. Your doctor will then select the best option from the following treatment types:


    Open Surgery

    This is the most common surgery to treat a fistula if it does not cross through the sphincter muscle. To reduce the risk of incontinence, the fistula is cut long and the sphincter muscle is left untouched. It opens up the fistula and heals it as a flat scar.

    Seton Procedures

    Open Surgery

    If your fistula passes through the anal sphincter muscle, a fistulotomy will be difficult as it increases the risk of incontinence. Your doctor will use cotton or silk thread to block the fistula. As the suture is left in the fistula for several weeks, it drains and heals.

    Laser Treatment

    laser surgery

    In laser anal fistula surgery, the surgeon uses a small laser beam to seal the channel. This procedure is a painless, minimally invasive method with no cuts or stitches. The surgeon has good control over the treatment procedure with no major safety concerns for incontinence.



    Cost of Fistula Treatment / Surgery in India

    The average cost of laser fistula treatment or surgery in India ranges from Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 70,000. It requires extensive use of technology and concentration. The cost of the surgery will depend on a number of factors, including the extent of the infection, the size and location of the fistula, and whether a person has any serious health problems.

    Fistula Surgery By Dr. Sunil Tibrewal

    Dr. Sunil Tibrewal is the perfect surgeon if you are suffering from an anal fistula disorder. He is one of the most highly experienced laser surgeons, having performed these advanced surgeries for more than 15 years using the high-quality treatment and the latest technology.

    Contact us to know more about laser anal fistula surgery, the surgeries we provide, our specialties, and many more options. We are renowned for offering our patients exceptional value, assisting them at every stage, and considering all the nuances of medical procedures.

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    Why Choose Dr. Sunil

    Senior Surgeon

    Dr. Sunil Tibrewal (MBBS, MS, DMB, MRCH, MNAMS, FIAGES) is a qualified specialist with 15+ years of surgical experience.

    Advanced Technology

    Dr. Sunil Tibrewal uses modern & cutting-edge medical technologies to provide high quality healthcare services.

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    Dr. Sunil Tibrewal provides assistance and care at every step in your surgical journey i.e., from consultation to cure

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      Fibrin glue is a non-surgical procedure to treat an anal fistula medically, where the surgeon injects glue to seal the fistula. There are certain home remedies, medicines, or ayurvedic options such as the Ksharsutra that can also help you get relief from fistula. But this method is only applicable if the fistula is not severe. You should also drink plenty of water to prevent anal fistula.
      After a day or two in the recovery room, your surgeon will allow you to return to work. They may ask you not to engage in sexual activity or lift any heavy weights for a few weeks.
      The recurrence rate of fistula after surgery ranges from 2.5% to 5%. Fistula after surgery is very common, and it must be removed with the best treatment procedure.
      As part of the precautions to be taken after fistula surgery, your doctor may ask you to add fibre-rich foods to your diet. You must include green leafy vegetables, lentils, fruits, proteins, and whole grains in your diet. You should also consume a good amount of water for faster healing.
      Under the influence of a proper diet, medication, and physical activity, you can fully recover from anal fistula laser surgery in the next 25–30 days.

      If you notice some smelly discharge near your anus skin or discomfort during your bowel movement, then you must consult a doctor. Dr Sunil Tibrewal is one of the most highly experienced laser fistula surgeons in India, having performed these advanced surgeries for more than 15 years using high-quality treatment and the latest technology.

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