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    What is Gynecomastia?

    Gynecomastia (or "man boobs") is a medical condition that causes men or boys to have enlarged breast tissue. It is a button-sized breast lump commonly caused by the imbalance of the hormones oestrogen and testosterone in the body. Gynecomastia surgery is also conducted if the breast starts growing abnormally or unevenly.

    Gynecomastia Surgery

    Gynecomastia isn’t a serious problem and may not always require surgery; it may go away on its own without treatment. It affects one or both breasts of men or boys during several stages of their lives, i.e., when they are infants, during puberty, or when they are adults (aged 30–50). If gynecomastia is induced in infants or during puberty, then it will recover within 6 months to 3 years without surgery.

    Gynecomastia not only affects men physically but also disturbs their mental health. In certain cases, when the breast tissue grows significantly, causing pain and embarrassment, your doctor may recommend surgery. Gynecomastia can be treated either by removing excess breast fat or by removing total breast tissue (mastectomy).

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    Causes & Symptoms of Gynecomastia

    There are several factors that can cause gynecomastia. Other causes also exist, but the most common is an imbalanced hormone. Breast enlargement occurs when the oestrogen level in the body exceeds the testosterone level. Newborns, boys going through puberty, and adults may develop gynecomastia as a result of their hormonal imbalance. It can also develop due to the side effects of certain medications, illicit drugs, and alcohol. Several health conditions, such as thyroid problems, adrenal tumours, etc., also affect hormone levels.


    Treatment of Gynecomastia

    For the treatment of gynecomastia, you can consult an endocrinologist, a doctor dealing with hormones. Evaluation of your breast tissue, abdomen, and genitals is done through a blood test (to check hormone levels), mammography, a CT scan, an MRI scan, a biopsy, or an ultrasound. Gynecomastia can be cured either pharmaceutically or with the help of surgery:



    To correct hormonal imbalances, your doctor may prescribe medications such as raloxifene or tamoxifen. Although these medicines are prescribed to breast cancer patients, they also work to reduce breast tissue. Your doctor may also advise you to discontinue the use of certain medications that affect the hormones oestrogen and testosterone.



    Also known as lipoplasty or body contouring, this procedure uses a suction technique to remove excess breast fat instead of breast gland tissue. In this procedure, a small tube is inserted through a small incision. Excess glandular tissue is cut with the help of a scalpel and then removed with suction.



    This surgical procedure is conducted to remove the entire breast tissue of one or both breasts. This prevents the further growth or development of gynecomastia. Although this technique results in more visible scars and comparatively more pain.

    Healthcare providers may send some tissue to the lab to check whether the tissue is cancerous or not



    Cost of Gynecomastia in India

    Gynecomastia surgery treatment cost in India starts at 35,000 INR and can go up to 65,000 INR. This cost can vary depending on which doctor you visit, the type of treatment you opt for, the size and severity of the gynecomastia, and a variety of other factors.

    Gynecomastia Surgery By Dr. Sunil Tibrewal

    Dr. Sunil Tibrewal is the perfect surgeon if your enlarged breast is bothersome. He is one of the most highly experienced gynecomastia surgeons, having performed these advanced surgeries for more than 15 years using high-quality treatment and the latest technology.

    Contact us to know more about Gynecomastia surgery, the surgeries we provide, our specialties, and many more options. We are renowned for offering our patients exceptional value. We assist you at every stage and consider all the nuances of medical procedures.

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      Pseudogynecomastia is the enlarged breast fat that develops due to obesity. They are very different from gynecomastia.

      You can get rid of gynecomastia either with medicines prescribed by the doctor or by opting for surgery to remove it completely and stop its recurrence.

      No, no diet or exercise will help you get rid of gynecomastia. In some mild cases, it may work. However, there will be chances of recurrence.

      After the gynecomastia surgery, you can go home the next day or the same day. It may take around 6 weeks to return to normal activities.

      If you experience any pain or discomfort in your breast or are uncomfortable with the size of your breast, then you must consult a doctor. Dr Sunil Tibrewal is one of the most highly experienced gynecomastia surgeons in India, having performed these advanced surgeries for more than 15 years using high-quality treatment and the latest technology.

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