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    What is Anti-Reflux?

    Acid reflux, or GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease), occurs when acid from your stomach persistently travels back to your oesophagus—a tube from the mouth to the stomach. Reflux occurs frequently when the muscles at the oesophageal-gastric junction do not completely seal. Acid reflux is one of the most common problems our generation is diagnosed with, and anti-reflux is the treatment for acid reflux.

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    Causes & Symptoms of Acid-Reflux

    Several factors may increase the risk of acid reflux. The most common causes of acid reflux are stomach abnormalities, pregnancy, and smoking. Other causes of acid reflux disease may also include being overweight, lying on bed after a heavy meal, some muscle-relaxing medications, and more.


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    Treatment of Acid-Reflux

    Lifestyle change

    Lifestyle change

    Changes in lifestyle, such as avoiding spicy, oily, or acidic foods and eating small, frequent meals while remaining upright after a heavy meal, can help maintain a healthy weight and reduce the upward flow of acid that causes acid reflux.



    Your doctor might also suggest taking over-the-counter or prescribed medications that can help control acid reflux, such as antacids, proton pump inhibitors (PPIs), baclofen, etc.

    Endoluminal fundoplication


    Endoluminal fundoplication is one of the most common acid reflux procedures in which a flexible tool with a camera on one end known as an endoscope, is passed down your throat. This procedure strengthens the opening between the stomach and the esophagus, preventing food and acid from moving backward.

    Open Surgery

    Open Surgery

    If the symptoms of reflux are not improved by lifestyle changes or medications, then surgery is also an option. In this procedure, a large incision is made, reflux is treated as per the complication, and later the skin incision is stitched together using sutures, staples, or surgical glue.

    Laparoscopic Surgery

    Laparoscopic Surgery

    Laparoscopic surgical repair of acid reflux enables the use of smaller incisions, facilitating a quicker recovery after the procedure. It is also used for subsequent surgeries to avoid past scars and is less likely to result in complications or infection.

    Advantages of Laparoscopic Surgery


    Cost of Anti-Reflux Surgery

    The cost of treating acid reflux in India is very cheap. Usually, it ranges between 80,000 and 1,50,000 INR, and it alters as per the complications, frequency of reflux, and patient condition.

    Anti-Reflux Surgery By Dr. Sunil Tibrewal

    Dr. Sunil Tibrewal is the perfect surgeon if problems that imaging tests, i.e., X-ray, MRI, ultrasound, etc., haven’t been able to diagnose or cure. He is one of the most highly experienced laparoscopic surgeons, having performed these advanced surgeries for more than 15 years using high-quality treatment and the latest technology.

    Contact us to learn more about laparoscopic anti-reflux surgery, the surgeries we provide, our specialties, and many more options. We are renowned for offering our patients exceptional value. We assist you at every stage and consider all the nuances of medical procedures.

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    Why Choose Dr. Sunil

    Senior Surgeon

    Dr. Sunil Tibrewal (MBBS, MS, DMB, MRCH, MNAMS, FIAGES) is a qualified specialist with 15+ years of surgical experience.

    Advanced Technology

    Dr. Sunil Tibrewal uses modern & cutting-edge medical technologies to provide high quality healthcare services.

    Complete Care

    Dr. Sunil Tibrewal provides assistance and care at every step in your surgical journey i.e., from consultation to cure

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      Try avoiding trigger foods even if you face mild symptoms, such as fatty foods, spicy and fried foods, garlic and onions, dairy products, caffeinated beverages, alcohol, peppermint, large meals, chocolates, and many more.

      GERD is not life-threatening, but it may be dangerous if it lasts a long time or is not treated properly. Long-term acid reflux can lead to serious health problems such as oesophageal cancer, esophagitis, or strictures.

      Although there is a list of complications in any surgery, and anti-reflux surgery is no exception, the complications are usually nil because it is one of the most common surgeries performed.

      If you experience heartburn or acid reflux symptoms for more than 6 weeks, then you must consult a doctor. Dr Sunil Tibrewal is one of the most highly experienced laparoscopic anti-reflux surgeons in India, having performed these advanced surgeries for more than 15 years using the high-quality treatment and the latest technology.

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