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    What is Breast Abscess?

    Breast abscesses are pus-filled lumps that form beneath the breast skin. This lump can develop as a complication of an infection of the breast, commonly known as mastitis.

    Breast abscess is a more common condition in lactating women, though it can also be found in non-lactating women or men. In lactating women, mastitis develops due to the bacterial infection entering the breast tissue while breastfeeding through the baby’s mouth or due to cracked or dry nipples.

    Breast Abscess Surgery

    Breast abscess surgery may not be required immediately. But if it’s not cured in its initial phase, it can be very painful and dangerous. They are usually performed under general anesthesia.

    Abscesses are usually treated with antibiotics, ultrasound-guided needle aspiration, or incision and drainage (I&D) process. Pus is drained out by making an incision during a surgical procedure. At first, an incision is made with a scalpel blade to drain the infected fluid. Surgery will ensure that the abscess is drained of pus and that it does not reoccur. In the end, the incision is closed with a small tube/gauge in it to drain the new pus naturally till the antibiotics take control of the infection.

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    Causes & Symptoms of Breast Abscess

    Breast abscesses are caused by infection and typically affect lactating women. It can be caused by a clogged milk duct or a bacterial infection via cracked nipples. In non-lactating females or men, it is developed due to the infection or inflammation of breast tissue (mastitis), which might be caused by a cracked nipple, nipple piercing, breast implant, smoking, or obesity.



    Treatment of Breast Abscess

    The treatment procedure of breast abscess removal is typically conducted as an outpatient, followed by imaging tests such as an ultrasound or a culture of the fluid.


    Open Surgery

    Your doctor may start the course of treatment with antibiotic therapy to check if it's a breast infection. If the abscess is not cured with antibiotics, your doctor may recommend surgery to drain the pus.

    Needle aspirations

    needle aspiration

    This procedure is guided by an ultrasound scan to assess the radiological resolution of the abscess. A large-bore needle is inserted at various locations on the infected area. Then the pus is drained out using the needle syringe. Because it is less painful, technically easier, and relatively inexpensive, this is the preferred method for treating breast abscesses.

    Incision & Drainage

    incision and drainage

    This is the traditional procedure to remove a breast abscess, in which your doctor will make an incision over the abscess and drain out the pus from the abscess pocket. To prevent further infection, the doctor will clean the wound with sterile saline solution or wick and cover it with a wound dressing.



    Cost of Breast Abscess Removal Surgery

    The cost of surgical removal of the abscess varies from case to case because of the type and location of the abscess. In India, it usually ranges between 30,000 and 50,000 INR. However, it can also vary depending on several factors, such as hospitals in different cities, the extent of severity, and many others.

    Breast Abscess Surgery By Dr. Sunil Tibrewal

    Dr. Sunil Tibrewal is one of the most highly experienced abscess removal surgeons, having performed these advanced surgeries for more than 15 years using the high-quality treatment and the latest technology.

    Contact us to know more about breast abscess removal surgery, the surgeries we provide, our specialties, and many more options. We are renowned for offering our patients exceptional value. We assist you at every stage and consider all the nuances of medical procedures.

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      After the surgical process of abscess removal, the pain and wound scar from the surgery will lessen gradually within 2–3 days.

      If the abscess is small, you can apply a warm, wet cloth to the abscess to see if that opens and drains the pus. You can also take some over-the-counter antibiotics to treat the abscess sans consulting a doctor.

      If you are diagnosed with a breast abscess, you must add fruits such as pineapple, vegetables, garlic, and fruit juices to your diet. You must also avoid sugar, fried foods, and products made with white flour.

      Breast abscesses have typically required a surgical incision to allow drainage of the abscess. This is done while the patient is under general anaesthesia, followed by antibiotics. However, this course of treatment may disrupt lactation in the same breast.

      Yes, you can feed your child after surgery from the uninvolved breast and once the wound heals you can start breastfeeding from the same breast.

      If you experience any pain or discomfort in your breast, then you must consult a doctor. Dr Sunil Tibrewal is one of the most highly experienced breast abscess removal surgeons in India, having performed these advanced surgeries for more than 15 years using the high-quality treatment and the latest technology.

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