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    Breast Cancer Doctor in Kolkata

    What is Breast Cancer?

    Breast cancer is a type of life-threatening cancer that develops in the breast cells. It happens when breast cells get uncontrolled and divide into a large mass of tissue called a tumor. It can be diagnosed in one or both breasts, in either a male or female. In the initial stage, the breast tumors are benign (non-cancerous) and must be treated before they become malignant (cancerous).

    Studies have shown that 1 out of 4 cancer patients is a woman suffering from breast cancer. It is one of the leading causes of death among women from cancer.

    Breast Cancer Surgery

    Breast cancer surgery is the surgery aimed at the removal of cancer from the breast as well as draining cancerous lymph nodes. These surgeries are performed on males' or females’ breasts if they are diagnosed with breast cancer or cancerous lymph nodes.

    The treatment may depend on the breast's size and shape, its location, and the type of cancer. Deciding which type to choose is a personal choice, and your doctor’s recommendation and surgeon's guidance guide you through the decision-making process.

    breast cancer surgery in kolkata

    Causes & Symptoms of Breast Cancer

    There are several factors that can affect your Breast such as growing old (mostly over the age of 50), genetic mutations such as BRCA1 and BRCA2, dense breast, previous treatment using radiation therapy, reproductive or family history, hormone replacement therapy, habit of smoking and drinking alcohol and many other health problems.


    breast cancer treatment in kolkata

    Treatments for Breast Cancer

    There are two basic types of breast cancer surgery to remove life-threatening tumours.



    It is also known as breast-conserving surgery or wide local excision. In this procedure, part of the breast is removed where a cancerous lump or tumour is diagnosed, along with a margin of healthy tissues or the chest wall lining. The aim of this surgery is to remove the minimum amount of breast tissue while ensuring the cancer is completely removed.

    In many cases, surgeries can be followed by other treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation therapy, targeted therapy, and hormone therapy. A study shows that lumpectomy surgery followed by therapy is as successful as mastectomy surgery in treating breast cancer.



    In this procedure, the entire breast tissue is removed, including the skin and nipple. Women who are at high risk of developing breast cancer usually want to have their breasts removed before cancer develops. Surgeons’ likely advice is mastectomy if the tumour is large or involves more than one area. Sometimes, nearby muscle tissues are also removed if there are symptoms of remaining cancer tissue.

    In some cases, cancer spreads to the lymph nodes, resulting in life-threatening cancer. As a result, your doctor will perform a sentinel lymph node biopsy as well as surgery to remove cancer from any lump nodes present (if any) under your arms.

    Now you may worry about your breast size and shape after breast surgery.

    You don’t need to! We have a solution for this problem too.

    Breast reconstruction: After having a mastectomy, many people opt to have breast reconstruction, either immediately or afterwards. In this, your breasts are rebuilt, making them asymmetric again. It can be done through breast implants or from your own tissue, typically from your lower belly and involves a plastic surgeon.



    Cost of Breast Cancer Surgery in Kolkata

    The average cost of breast cancer treatment / surgery in Kolkata starts at 1,00,000 INR and could increase to 3,00,000 INR. This cost can vary depending on the size and severity of cancer, where you live, the type of therapy, the doctor, and a variety of other factors.

    Dr. Sunil Tibrewal - Breast Cancer Surgeon in Kolkata

    Dr. Sunil Tibrewal is a most reliable and highly experienced breast cancer specialist doctor in Kolkata, having performed these advanced surgeries for more than 15 years using the high-quality treatment and the latest technology.

    Contact us to know more about breast cancer treatments, the surgeries we provide, our specialties and many more options. We are renowned for offering our patients exceptional value. We assist you at every stage and consider all the nuances of medical procedures.

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    Dr. Sunil Tibrewal (MBBS, MS, DMB, MRCH, MNAMS, FIAGES) is a qualified specialist with 15+ years of surgical experience.

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    Dr. Sunil Tibrewal uses modern & cutting-edge medical technologies to provide high quality healthcare services.

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      Breast cancer surgery, which involves operating to remove the tumour, is a crucial part of treatment for the disease. Surgery for breast cancer may be performed alone or in conjunction with other therapies such as radiation therapy, chemotherapy, hormone therapy, and targeted therapy.

      After the breast cancer surgery, you can go home the next day. It may take around 6-8 weeks to return to normal activities. For some days bruises and scars may be visible but it starts healing gradually.

      If you experience any pain or discomfort in your breast, then you must consult a doctor. Dr Sunil Tibrewal is one of the most highly experienced breast cancer surgeons in Kolkata, having performed these advanced surgeries for more than 15 years using the high-quality treatment and the latest technology.

      Dr. Sunil Tibrewal offers a range of treatment options for breast cancer, including surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, hormone therapy, and targeted therapy. The specific treatment plan depends on the stage, type, and individual patient factors.

      Yes, Dr. Sunil Tibrewal is skilled in performing minimally invasive breast cancer surgeries, such as breast-conserving surgery (lumpectomy) and laparoscopic techniques when appropriate.

      To schedule an appointment with Dr. Sunil Tibrewal, the leading breast cancer surgery doctor in Kolkata, please visit our website and fill out the appointment form with your contact details. Alternatively, you can reach out via phone at 7439743454 or email at sunil@drsuniltibrewal.com, with your preferred date and time. Our team will contact you soon to verify and confirm your appointment.

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